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What Makes Us Differentما يميزنا عن غيرنا什么使我们与众不同

To work at Perkins Eastman is to believe in the power of design to make the everyday experience better, more inspired. There is much that distinguishes us, but our single greatest strength is our people.

Our people are dreamers, doers, and thinkers. We are equal parts IQ and EQ, and our size and diversity are our strengths.

Our offices range in size from 10 to 400, yet we are one firm. Within each office, several distinct, intentionally crafted studios provides greater opportunity for employee growth, learning opportunities, collaboration, and cross-pollination of ideas. Here, we learn by doing. All staff have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects of all scales and to work across the spectrum of the design continuum, from strategic planning and conceptual design to project completion and beyond.

Meanwhile, our diversity—more than 70 nationalities across our 15 networked offices—further unites us; our design process integrates individual perspectives and draws upon employees’ sets of experiences to result in more innovative and thoughtful solutions to meet the challenges of today’s world. And, we believe, better work.

Our studio culture thrives on employee contributions and intellectual diversity to produce a collaborative, creative working environment. With the nimbleness of a boutique firm and the resources of a large international one, Perkins Eastman’s culture is flat, flexible, and of indomitable entrepreneurial spirit.

We have developed a series of programs specifically designed to nurture dialogue, design education, and mentoring throughout the firm and to develop talent. This infrastructure has been fundamental to our development and in promoting a culture that believes in design’s purpose to make a positive and lasting impact on people’s lives.

Promoting Leadershipتعزيز القيادة促进型领导团队

The Design Leadership Group connects designers from across studios and technical disciplines in order to promote dialogue about design, mentor younger designers, and ensure access to proper tools and resources. Focused around current themes in our design work or new tools and technologies, programs can be informal, internal investigations into a topic or include practitioners from other firms/allied industries.

Studio pin-ups

Critique and review are a central part of the design process and are fundamental tools in assessing our work. Under our open-forum format, younger team members have the opportunity to present before a group while feedback and critique promote a culture of collaboration and critical design thinking.

In-house Design Competitions

This program allows the firm to offer our talents to not-for-profit groups and encourages younger staff to flex their design skills. The briefs for the project are researched and developed by younger staff under the mentorship of a design principal. Engaging them in these activities helps them develop writing, communication, and client development skills, while the benefit to the not-for-profit groups is immeasurable. Our two most recent in-house competitions resulted in a master plan for an organization that houses the poor in Ecuador and a training/production center for battered women in India to help them achieve financial independence.

PEople Mentoring

Mentoring the next generation is woven into our firm’s culture; it is a matter of course, all day every day on every project. However, we also have established a more formal program—PEople, a best-in-industry mentoring program that supports our staff in their professional and personal development. From career foundations to programs for more seasoned and advanced professionals, PEople addresses work-life integration, career development, internal sharing networks, design and leadership best practices, and more.


Perkins Eastman’s intern program intentionally exposes students to the complete spectrum of the architectural process and the variety of building types. It includes a lecture series and building tours to supplement the typical intern work experience. Perkins Eastman emphasizes diversity and deliberately selects the mix of students to facilitate in the learning exchange process. Last year Perkins Eastman’s program included 59 students from 37 schools.

Career Opportunities

Only those resumes submitted through the link below will be processed for consideration. Perkins Eastman is an equal opportunity employer.  For consideration please submit your resume, portfolio, and cover letter to Perkins Eastman Recruiter.سوف يتم النظر في السير الذاتية المقدّمة من خلال الرابط أدناه فقط. Perkins Eastman توظف على أساس تكافؤ الفرص. يرجى تقديم سيرتك الذاتية وملفك ورسالة التغطية إلى مسؤول التوظيف في Perkins Eastman للنظر فيها.
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