Perkins Eastman
Case Study 3:

Marian's House

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Outcome Metrics

  • Marian’s House looks like “the house next door” with simple gables and residential materials and scale that help to make it feel as though day guests are coming to visit a friend or neighbor. Great attention was given to being welcoming and open, and encouraging residents to explore while using design tools to create a secure environment.
  • The home’s interiors are contemporary in character with typical residential size rooms; the exterior offers a secure wandering loop within a garden courtyard and “destinations” – a pergola, benches and dining patio.
  • Day spaces are designed with flexibility in mind…the den, living and dining rooms can become an evening resource center with classes and discussion groups… two respite bedrooms can open to the caregiver apartment as private guest rooms or to the day visitor side for stay overs.