Perkins Eastman
Case Study 1:

Laclede Groves

St. Louis, MIssouri
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The Process

Perkins Eastman Strategies provided initial strategic planning for the client, which led to master planning, space program prioritization, architecture, and interior design for a variety of renovations and new buildings. To understand the issues facing Laclede Groves, build group consensus, and support organizational learning and culture change, we employed our ideas process. The ideas process (Integrating Design, Economics, and Assessment into Strategy) develops integrated solutions that create forward-looking programs, partnerships, and inspired senior environments. Through an initial strategic planning workshop, executive teams, board members, and staff at all levels of the organization were engaged in a process that combined cutting-edge design, thoughtful economic analysis, and thorough market assessment to develop new opportunities and create, reposition, and reinvent existing services and environments—creating a sustainable strategy for the future.