Perkins Eastman | Shanghai International Medicine Zone

Shanghai International Medicine Zone

Shanghai, China
Perkins Eastman led an international team in the preparation of a competition-winning conceptual development plan for an 11.5 sk (4.4 square mile) site designated by the municipal government as the Shanghai International Medical Zone (SIMZ). The northern sector of the SIMZ is planned as the site for a large campus that includes two 500-bed state-of-the-art hospitals, a 7,000-student medical school, a rehabilitation and retirement complex, a medical research park, and an academic exchange center. The southern sector is dedicated to an exhibition, research, and manufacturing zone for medical equipment makers.

With a dynamic mix of program components totaling more than 465k sm (5 million sf), this medical campus will serve as a model for the rising growth of the healthcare system in Asia. The site design concept is based on a landscape with rings of green radiating outward. These rings are interwoven with a multi-layered composition of waterways to create a medical garden for a health-based community. This approach affords opportunities to create dramatic architecture and urban clusters within the concentric planning pattern, and the idea of a garden environment where best practices in medicine, teaching, and research naturally interact.