Perkins Eastman | Westchester Community College Student Center

Westchester Community College: Student Center

Valhalla, New York
Perkins Eastman designed the transformation of Westchester Community College's Student Center that was originally built in 1961. The updated 63,000 sf Student Center defines the edge of the campus green and emphasizes the east-west axis linking the classroom and technology buildings.

The addition to and renovation of the existing building includes a comprehensive overhaul of building systems, with high-performance sustainability top of mind. The expansion of services prioritizes opportunities for connectivity that define today's collegiate environments: dining services were expanded to include an after-hours bistro offering gourmet coffee and hot-quick meals to serve the late-night culture on campus, and the program expands student amenities to feature club activities and the Culinary Arts program that displays students’ cooking. Throughout, special emphasis was placed on right-sizing dining and lounge areas to offer formal to casual, intimate to public-scale spaces.

An architectural emphasis was placed on the visual and volumetric expression of the student lounges as one of the most important program elements. The design achieves this through the use of large overhanging metal and glass boxes, which respond to the scale and focus of the campus.