Perkins Eastman | Deanwood Community Center and Library

Deanwood Community Center and Library

Washington, DC
The Deanwood Community Center and Library is a joint-use facility that features educational, recreational, and athletic programs for all ages. Its variety of programs—early care and education center, recreation pool, sound recording studio, and public library—serve both the local community and patrons from across the city. The project is registered for LEED Silver certification.

Anchoring the northern end of a nearly six-acre park in Northeast Washington, DC, the community center helps to define the public open spaces between it and the Ronald Brown Middle School at the southern border of the park. This location ensures that the park continues to offer a flexible configuration of playfields for both the school and the community center and that it is respected and enhanced by the new building. For example, the design integrates an existing row of monumentally scaled trees, helping to distinguish the smaller-scaled outdoor spaces (child play areas and gardens) from the larger playfields. These grand trees also define the pathway leading to a new courtyard created by the building. This portion of the site provides the building with an identifiable address and front door while also providing views and convenient access to the building from the adjacent Deanwood Metro station.

This project was completed by the Principals and staff of EE&K prior to merging with Perkins Eastman.