Perkins Eastman | Hanoi Capital Construction Master Plan To 2030 And Vision To 2050

Hanoi Capital Master Plan to 2030

Hanoi, Vietnam
The lead planners in a large international team, Perkins Eastman developed the Hanoi Capital Construction Master Plan as a framework to guide the city's development for the next 20 years and establish a vision for the city to become one of the most livable, sustainable, and attractive world capital cities by 2050.

To organize and plan for Hanoi's expected urban growth to over nine million people by 2030, a comprehensive planning approach was needed to encompass social, economic, physical, and environmental issues. This same approach needed to prioritize flexibility to accommodate changing conditions over time, as well as the ability to establish strong coordination between regulatory agencies.

Among the most important features of the plan is the accepted recommendation that 70% of Hanoi—including its remaining natural areas and most productive agricultural land—be permanently protected from further development as part of a broad sustainability strategy. A second major part of the plan calls for strict preservation of the historic structures and precincts, tree-lined streets, river banks and lakes, and other features that make Hanoi an inherently beautiful and livable city.

The plan has received wide acceptance and support from the many involved agencies and ministries, as well as the public.
AIA New York, Design Award-Urban Design: Merit Award (2011)