The New Jewish Home: Manhattan Living Center / Perkins Eastman

The New Jewish Home: Manhattan Living Center

New York, New York
The New Jewish Home plans to create a new 414-resident, long-term care facility and adapt the Green House model for the Upper West Side. The first floor entry and 8,000 square foot garden, as well as second floor amenities, will be open to the surrounding community. Second floor amenities will include an auditorium, kosher bistro and coffee shop, library, wellness spa, and outdoor terrace.

The new 20-story building will accommodate 245 long-term care and 169 short-term rehab residents. Twenty-two long-term care households contain private rooms for 13 residents, along with kitchen, dining, and living spaces. This model helps foster resident and caregiver relationships, increased independence with private rooms and baths, and shorter walking distances. Stacking two households per floor provides system efficiencies and the ability to address shifts in demand for new services.

The new residence will incorporate a high-performance building enclosure with energy efficient systems. The organization intends to use the building to educate its residents, staff and the public in how sustainable design supports its mission of delivering high quality residential care while reducing the environmental impact of its operations.