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  • Measuring the Effectiveness of the “Fourth Place”

    EDRA50BrooklynRebecca Milne, LEED Green Assoc.; Scott Fallick, AIA, LEED AP; Lindsay Fisher May 23, 2019, Brooklyn, NY

    Social capital is frequently cited as leading to more democratic and prosperous communities. Approaches to placemaking can improve social capital, whether it is within an office, a home or a social environment. When looking at offices in particular, there is proven value in investing in physical placemaking efforts. Since only 10-15% of a company’s overhead is related to building costs, compared to 70-80% related to staff, it makes sense to invest in these strategies in order to attract and retain staff. In our increasingly knowledge-based economy, the traditional approach to office-based workplace planning is experiencing a fundamental shift to hybridized environments that include elements of social, living and work spaces.

    This presentation will explore Perkin Eastman's research of the “fourth place,” an emerging space typology coined in 2018 by researcher and urban planner Arnault Morisson.

  • Investing In Our Future: How School Modernization Impacts Indoor Environmental Quality and Occupants

    EDRA50BrooklynEmily Chmielewski EDAC; Heather Jauregui LEED AP BD+C, O+M, CHPC May 25, 2019, Brooklyn, NY

    It is estimated that over half of U.S. public schools need renovations or modernizations to be considered in good overall condition, the cost of which would total nearly $200 billion. Knowing that this level of funding is no small ask for school districts and taxpayers across the country, Perkins Eastman, in association with a major metropolitan school district and a product manufacturer, launched a study that aimed to quantify the broader impact that school improvements and modernizations can have on student and teacher well-being, satisfaction, and performance in order to create additional justification for the considerable financial expenditure required to upgrade existing school buildings.

    The presentation will describe the post-occupancy evaluation research study’s interdisciplinary partnership, the multi-method environmental assessments, and outcomes related to high-performance design strategies that can improve indoor environmental qualities, learning environments, staff satisfaction, and student performance to create 21st-century learning environments. Attendees will learn about the impacts the results of the study can have on school design and how they can begin to assess their own projects, schools, and even districts. Sensors used in the study will be available during this session, and live readings will be occurring for attendees to test the Indoor Environmental Quality of the room themselves. The audience will learn the basics of how to use the tools, and will also participate in a live poll to assess the perceived comfort of the room to provide qualitative data for the live POE study.

  • Clean Slate Project

    LeadingAge VAJennifer Sodo RA, LEED AP BD+C; Max Winters RA; Claire Dickey RA, LEED AP BD+C June 5, 2019, Norfolk, VA

    Industries and markets are poisted to converge in ways that we have yet to imagine. Many are trying to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate changes that the aging Boomers and those beyond them will bring to this sector. The Clean Slate Project was a year-long effort by Perkins Eastman, co-sponsored by J+J Flooring Group, to explore the senior living market through fresh eyes. This session focuses on the results of that collaborative effort to find those innovations from outside of senior living to help us understand the drivers of change that may come from the convergence of senior living and other industries, or just through inspiration from non-senior living service providers and other market sectors.

  • Play to Innovation: Exploring the Role of Play in Cultivating Innovation

    NeoCon 2019Rebecca Milne, LEED Green Assoc.; Scott Fallick, AIA, LEED AP June 9, 2019, Chicago IL

    Understanding how innovation works can help inform the process of designing spaces that support it. Based on extensive research, attendees will be provided with insights into the role of play in cultivating innovation and learn how to leverage the designed spaces to support innovation. Attendees will learn how and why play has been linked to higher rates of innovation across multiple settings and disciplines, as well as specific strategies that may be applied to create spaces that support and encourage innovative processes and results.

  • Today's Influential Trends and Their Impact of Senior Living Offerings

    LeagingAge WALeslie Moldow FAIA, LEED AP June 10, 2019, Blaine, WA

    Ziegler will present hot trends in the industry – the current healthcare sea change and its impact on skilled nursing environments; technology integration; construction and redevelopment; consumer preferences/change; demographics; and finance. Perkins Eastman will share new research on how senior living models may change in the future as a result of current “disruptors.”

  • BOOT CAMP 101: Business Development and Relationship Building for Success

    NeoCon 2019Mark Van Summern, AIA, NCARB June 11, 2019, Chicago, IL

    Join Perkins Eastman Principal, Mark Van Summern as he outlines the importance of communication and business development skills for professionals at all career levels. This session will focus on "event hunting,” "filling the sales funnel,” identifying new project opportunities, and perfecting your presentation pitch.

    Individuals will learn the basics of how to make meaningful connections at networking events, as well as practice presentation techniques that are designed to enhance interaction, flow, and engagement during a pitch.

  • Impact Design: Accountable Architecture

    SenbridGe Spring 2019Martin Siefering AIA June 13, 2019, Toronto, Canada

    SenbridGe Spring convenes top thought leaders across senior living to address the most critical issues facing the industry. The 2019 program theme of “Leadership and Human Capital” explores issues of talent recruitment and retention, changing workforce expectations, and significant generational drivers. Principal Martin Siefering AIA sits on a panel about the role of architecture in the growth and development of the senior living market in North America.

  • Stay Competitive: Master Plan Results

    LeadingAge CALeslie Moldow FAIA, LEED AP June 13, 2019, Atterdag Village of Solvang, CA

    Perkins Eastman Principal Leslie Moldow will outline a consensus-driven process called IDEAS--Integrating Design, Economics, and Assessment--and show how a community's unique circumstances can impact a final master plan's actionable solutions. Moldow will also share the value of resident surveys and brainstorming sessions.

  • Envisioning the City of Tomorrow

    Leaders in Architecture MENA SummitShawn Basler AIA June 18, 2019, Dubai, UAE

    The Leaders in Architecture Summit 2019 highlights the MENA region as a beacon of opportunity for the AEC industry in the years to come. Perkins Eastman Co-CEO Shawn Basler AIA will moderate a group of peers who individually and collectively are working to create the "city of tomorrow."

  • Clean Slate Project: New Directions and New Leaders for Senior Living with No Assumptions

    LeadingAge PAMartin L. Siefering AIA; Max Winters RA June 20, 2019, Hershey, PA

    When responding to a 2016 survey by Witt|Kieffer, a national executive search firm, 68% of the senior living executives surveyed said they planned to retire by the year 2025: five years before the youngest Baby Boomer turns 65. Meanwhile, this incoming wave of consumers continues to expand the market for aging and care services, attracting the attention of entrepreneurs, tech companies, and venture capitalists, fostering a new wave of innovations that are poised to fundamentally change our current understanding of ‘senior living’ in the United States. The sea change ahead of us is clear: but who will steer our organizations through the turbulence? What is the nature of our new course, and when the wind blows: who will be at the helm? This session and the ground work happening in advance are designed to nurture a group of rising leaders, and to help them develop an understanding of the turbulence that is likely to be in front of them.

  • Metric Analysis and Sessional Mapping in a Multi-Specialty Clinic Setting

    2019 Healthcare Facilities SymposiumJason Harper AIA, LEED AP; Manjiri Paprikar AIA, LEED AP September 17, 2019, Boston, MA

    With escalating healthcare operating and capital costs, facilities are seeking ways to improve scheduling efficiency and room utilization while providing quality healthcare services in an experiential environment. Restructuring of process, flow, and operations can be a profitable strategy to achieve competitive advantage. In outpatient multi-specialty clinical settings, clinical groups have one common question “Will the allocated number of exam rooms meet our future needs?” This session will examine a case study of a planned outpatient clinic reconfiguration at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center (WHMC), in Brooklyn, NY, to uncover the relationship between space allocation and need projections for multiple clinical specialty groups sharing a large group practice.

  • Clean Slate Project

    LeadingAge DCDaniel Cinelli FAIA October 2, 2019, Washington, DC