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  • Centers for Healthy Living: How a New Building Typology is Supporting Seniors

    EDRA49 ConferenceEmily Chmielewski EDAC June 8, 2018, Oklahoma City, OK

    An emerging trend in senior living design is to knit wellness services and amenity spaces together in a new building typology, aptly named centers for healthy living (CHLs). The convergence of the healthcare and senior living sectors, coupled with many seniors' interest in aging-in-place, is reshaping how the senior living industry designs for and delivers care and services to seniors. Over the last decade, CHLs have begun to crop up around the nation, on life plan community campuses as well as in the form of stand-alone, neighborhood or regional community centers. These programs are helping to bridge the existing gap between healthcare and senior living, going beyond the typical provision of clinic and exercise spaces to address all eight dimensions of whole-person wellness: emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, occupational, spiritual, social, and financial. To explore the new CHL building typology, a design research study was recently conducted by Perkins Eastman to inform not only their own work but also the industry as a whole.

  • Inaugural City exCHANGE: Jersey City, A Gold Coast Treasure

    ULI Northern New JerseyEric Fang AIA, AICP, LEED AP June 19, 2018, Jersey City, NJ

    ULI NNJ is pleased to announce its first City exChange program taking place on June 19, 2018 in Jersey City, NJ. This innovative ULI program consists of an exciting series of interactive cross-city/ cross-State tours that highlight varous projects, site visits, discussion panels and networking opportunities. These sessions are specifically designed to learn about the challenges, successes and best practices employed by different muncipalities that our tri-State metropolitan areas are currently facing.

    Jersey City has been one of the most dynamic cities in the Metropolitan area. In the past five years alone, downtown Jersey City has seen approximately 39,000,000 SF of new development, with over 22,000 approved units of new residential development in the pipeline. Please join the ULI for a firsthand look, featuring a brief overview by Planning Director Annisia Cialone, a hard hat tour of 99 Hudson, anticipated to be the tallest building in New Jersey upon completion, and a visit to Forest City’s Hudson Exchange, whose 432 unit second phase is currently in construction.

  • Unlocking the Implementation Conundrum of Resilience Projects

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureAyodele Yusuf, Assoc. AIA June 20, 2018, New York, NY

    What is the "implementation conundrum?" At this session, you'll hear from chief resilience officers (CROs) from three US cities on their respective resilience strategies. The discussion will examine the issues each CRO faces with the resilience projects identified in their respective strategies.

    You'll also explore ideas and key principles to apply toward unlocking implementation of resiliency projects in your own community and practice. (WE109)

  • The Rockaways: Building a Resilient Transit-Oriented Community (Tour)

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureEric C.Y. Fang AIA, LEED AP June 20, 2018, Queens, NY

    Explore the Rockaways, the site of a popular seaside resort in the 1800s. After the site was neglected for decades, large-scale development provided the badly needed capital for infrastructure improvements.

    The mixed-use, mixed-income development Arverne by-the-Sea (Perkins Eastman) was among the first private-public partnerships that not only created new residential communities, but also brought roadway and drainage infrastructure, spurring the economic development of the wider area.

    Join this exciting tour and explore Arverne's resilient design features, which helped it survive Hurricane Sandy. You'll also see post-hurricane improvements, including a new boardwalk (WXY Studio) and comfort buildings (Sage and Coombe Architecture). Boxed lunch included. (ET128a)

  • Forensic Architecture: Making of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum (Tour)

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureNicholas Leahy AIA, LEED AP June 20, 2018, New York, NY

    Get an intimate look at the neighborhood that was once the nation's most active immigrant portal. This fascinating tour exposes the literal layers of history that comprise the urban campus of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, a unique civic resource that preserves the buildings and stories of this historic neighborhood. The architects at Perkins Eastman describe their approach to the museum as "forensic architecture," preserving a century-old tenement and revealing the stories of nearly 20,000 residents who lived there from the late 1800s through the 1970s. This tour will challenge visitors to examine the role of architecture and design in enabling history to speak to contemporary audiences. (ET137a)

  • Building for Density & Affordability: Creating Resilient Equitable Urban Communities

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureTheodore Liebman FAIA June 22, 2018, New York, NY

    As global cities address the need for more affordable housing, little attention is paid to how these communities become socially and economically resilient. Amenities, including education, healthcare, retail, and open space are essential, along with civic engagement.

    Low-rise, high-density (LRHD) housing prototypes have introduced quantifiably better models for urban living compared to "tower in the park" models. Join this session and hear from an expert panel as they examine LRHD models around the globe and discuss the future of affordable housing and resilient communities. (FR407)

  • A+ Session: Global Approaches to Age-Friendly Design

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureJennifer Sodo RA, LEED AP BD+C June 22, 2018, New York, NY

    A+ Sessions are brought to you by  the special partnership between AIA and ARCHITECT Magazine. Taking place all day at Booth #1739 on the Expo floor. Architect Jennifer Sodo will join colleagues from Steven Winter Associates and members of the AIANY Design for Aging Committee for a brief yet in-depth discussion on varying approaches and solutions to age-friendly design around the globe.

  • A+ Session: Design for Risk and Reconstruction

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureEric Fang AIA, AICP, LEED AP June 22, 2018, New York, NY

    A+ Sessions are brought to you by the special partnership between AIA and ARCHITECT Magazine. Taking place all day at Booth #1739 on the Expo floor. Principal Eric Fang will join colleagues to discuss flood-risk mitigation, and how to approach all phases of design and resiliency for vulnerable communities.

  • How Cities Can Get Their Senior Friendly Groove On!

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureRichard S. Rosen AIA, LEED AP June 23, 2018, New York, NY

    The baby boomer generation is spurring a sea change in residential design for older adults. Join this seminar to hear from a panel of national senior-living design experts. You'll learn about the latest developments in age-friendly design, the evolution of housing approaches for seniors, and innovative efforts to connect seniors to their surrounding communities.

    You'll also hear about emerging insights, trends, and innovations in housing for seniors, and learn how these trends dovetail with efforts to create age-friendly cities and communities throughout the country. (SA306)

  • Holding Ourselves to Higher Standards: Healthy Materials Every Time

    A18: AIA Conference on ArchitectureTanya Mejia, Assoc. AIA June 23, 2018, New York, NY

    While architects wouldn't knowingly approve building materials that have negative effects on human health, unhealthy materials are nevertheless available in the marketplace. Therefore, due to cost or convenience, these less-than-ideal materials may end up in use on your projects.

    Join this seminar to explore how architects can commit to going beyond minimally acceptable legal standards and use only truly safe materials on every projects. In this informative session, you'll get an overview of tools to help you meet this higher standard, ensuring all the materials specified and selected on your projects are in fact healthy. (SA102)

  • Imagining the Future of Integrated Facilities Operations at Penn State

    SCUP 2018 Annual ConferenceDavid Levo AICP July 17, 2018, Nashville, TN

    Few groups are on the front line of behavioral, operational, cultural, and technological change as much as facilities groups. Asked to do ever-more, Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) pushes the answer of “how”. Get a rare peek under the hood at how one of America’s largest universities envisions meeting the needs of students, faculty, staff, and administrators through integrated 21st century facilities operations. We will discuss how we re-evaluated current operations, what we learned from other complex campuses, and the new strategies we're adopting.