Alex Diez

Alex Diez



“Achieving design excellence requires talent, knowledge and intelligence, yes, but also requires asking the right questions in trying to solve the problems and challenges that every project poses, and then listening carefully to those answers without bias or preconceptions.“

Alex grew up in Havana, Cuba, surrounded by art. His mother was a painter and his father a photographer, so art was part of his daily life and not something that only existed in museums and public places. But also understanding that he performed better in a structured environment with boundaries and well-defined parameters, architecture became a natural outgrowth of his upbringing.

Alex has been practicing architecture since 1978, and his entire career is focused on the craft of designing and building well. He has extensive professional experience leading teams in the design and management of complex projects for educational, cultural, and governmental clients. He has also been keenly interested in sustainability and in designing efficient and healthy buildings. Alex’s extraordinary focus and attention to detail during every phase of a project in these regards have resulted in award-winning educational facilities at major college and university campuses throughout the Northeast.

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Over his many years in practice, Alex has mentored a significant number of young professionals. He believes that mentoring curious, talented architects is essential to a successful architectural practice. He has always tried to create a professional environment that is nurturing and collaborative, that encourages creativity and innovation, and that is professionally rigorous but open and comfortable.


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  • +1 (646) 823-4216
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  • Columbia University; M.Arch
  • Rutgers University; B.A.
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  • American Institute of Architects
  • AIA Committee on the Environment
  • National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
  • Fitwell Ambassador