Amee Dhoria

Amee Dhoria


Associate Principal

“I always ask myself at the end of the day—what did you do for someone else today? I think we tend to underestimate the power of small gestures and random acts of kindness. If you have an opportunity to be kind, take it to make someone’s day just a little brighter.”

In addition to her roles as workplace strategist, studio leader, and interior designer, Amee is an architect, artist, and an Indian classical dancer. Having lived in and studied architecture in India, she brings a unique global perspective to design. As a workplace strategist, Amee partners with the Design Strategy team to lead multiple local and global projects in various sectors, including government, research & development, and technology, among others.

Technology is Amee’s muse. She developed an app to help clients understand the value of hybrid work and space allocation ratios to facilitate scenario-planning of their real-estate portfolios. Additionally, she has initiated processes to collect and analyze project benchmarking metrics to increase our teams’ access to data that can improve and inform workplace design.

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Dedicated to lifelong learning and embracing new challenges, Amee’s first question to her children at the end of each day is, “What did you learn new today?” This deference to learning informs her commitment to the Project Management Committee and mentoring future project managers. Community service is also important to Amee, her participation in the Funny Women…Serious Business Committee for Rosie’s Place helps to provide hope, shelter, and safety to homeless women.


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  • +1 (617) 449-4032
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  • Sir J.J. College of Architecture,
    Mumbai, India, Bachelor of Architecture
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  • National Council for Interior Design Qualification
  • Indian Institute of Architects