Bill Carroll

Bill Carroll


Senior Associate

"Buildings should not just be considered by their physical form; they should be viewed as the goal of creating a sense of place—something that creates a connection with its occupants and the environment surrounding them."

Bill’s interest in architecture and design became apparent at a young age, when his high school invited speakers from the field to engage with the students during a class dedicated to exploring various professions. One of the speakers encouraged Bill and his classmates to sketch and cultivate design concepts, offering feedback and guidance as they worked on their projects. The experience sparked his passion for the profession, motivating him to pursue architecture and ultimately leading him to where he works today.

Bill enjoys the ability to create beautifully designed spaces that bring people joy and allow them to unwind. He relishes his work creating and documenting hospitality and high-end branded residential projects that become integral parts of people’s daily lives. He particularly enjoys embracing the distinctive challenges associated with crafting each project.

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Since he began practice in 2004, Bill has accumulated a diverse background in architecture, interior architecture, and interior design projects. He has skillfully overseen projects, provided leadership to teams and external consultants, and collaborated closely with clients to achieve a track record of successful projects. His experience allows him to build a collaborative environment with clients, design teams, and consultants to create a synergistic team culture.


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  • +1 (214) 224-4505
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  • Education

  • Texas Tech University; B.S., Architecture
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  • American Institute of Architects
  • U.S. Green Building Council, LEED AP