David Larson

David Larson


Associate Principal

“I have always enjoyed solving problems and finding ways to design something that works better than previously imagined.”

At the age of 5, David was fortunate to visit Europe with his parents and spend time in Central Europe and parts of northern Italy and Scandinavia where his grandparents were born. This formative experience undoubtedly made a big impression on his choice of careers. During his primary-school years, he worked in a car dealership fixing cars and gaining a solid understanding of mechanics, how vehicles were built, and how they performed under varied, extreme conditions. As he entered high school, he was interested in engineering and craftsmanship and excelled in drafting and design. By sophomore year, David had secured a job designing tooling molds for a local manufacturer of thermoforming equipment. Ultimately, he sought something more challenging, which sparked his interest in architecture. When his father explained that architecture was a rich man’s profession, David was sold (sadly, he didn’t understand what Dad meant at that time). Nevertheless, he’s come to learn richness is not only monetary, and architecture has offered a great wealth of experience.

Our Perkins Eastman

David brings years of experience in planning, design, engineering and construction to his work at Perkins Eastman, where he focuses primarily on Healthcare and Science & Technology facilities. He enjoys the continuously evolving science and art of medicine, the laboratories that power innovation, and working with clinicians and scientists to envision best-in-class design solutions informed by their broad perspectives.


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  • University of Michigan; M.Arch,
    B.S. Architecture
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  • American Institute of Architects