Jeannie Ahn

Jeannie Ahn


Senior Associate

“The beauty of architecture is that there are endless solutions for solving a problem. We strive to find one that is a delicate balance of function and elegance that best satisfies the needs of our clients and occupants.”

Growing up near Baltimore, Jeannie spent a lot of time in the historic Mount Vernon district to study classical piano. The intricate facades and expansive spaces of the Peabody library and concert halls, as well as the elegance of the downtown squares were a stark difference from suburbia. She went to college seeking an engineering degree, but stumbled into architecture and realized she could design spaces that could bring others the same enjoyment she got from the built environment.

Practicing since 2002, Jeannie has worked on a variety of typologies from K-12 schools to hospitality, but her primary focus has been in senior living and multifamily housing.  She strives to develop holistic designs that marry architecture to the place and create harmony with its surroundings.

Our Perkins Eastman

What brings Jeannie the most joy at Perkins Eastman is making deep and lasting personal connections with her fellow teammates. Mentoring and empowering younger emerging professionals on their career journey is where she feels she can make the most difference.  She’s been an active member of the PE mentorship program since its inception.

Inspiration is all around us and seeing new ways of thinking about design is important. Jeannie tries to present these other design perspectives through documentary films shared monthly to highlight the creative process of notable and lesser-known architects, artists, and designers.


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  • University of Maryland; M.Arch,
    B.S. Architecture
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  • U.S. Green Building Council