Jennifer Chen

Jennifer Chen


Associate Principal

“I find the design process existentially satisfying. Creating, destroying, copying, innovating, revising—the iterative effort is frustrating for some, but I love it.”

Soon after learning how to drive, Jennifer realized she didn’t like to drive. Growing up in the Dallas suburbs though, she knew walking wasn’t a viable option for getting around, so she quickly relocated to New York City after completing her undergraduate degree in economics. It was there where she learned to appreciate the value of a slow commute in a bustling urban environment. Walking and riding the bus all over the city gave her time to notice the textural details of her surroundings and how the composition of the physical environment can influence personal experience and evoke emotion. Before long, Jennifer decided to adjust her career path and pursue a master’s degree in architecture.

Over the course of her career, Jennifer has worked on projects of all sizes, ranging from custom furniture pieces to private residences to multi-block, mixed-use developments. Regardless of scale or complexity, she strives to address the unique parameters and practical restraints of each project by developing clear design concepts, refined material palettes, and precise construction detailing, always remembering that the fine-grain details are just as important as the big ideas.


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  • +1 (202) 239-4618
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  • Rice University; M.Arch
  • Dartmouth College; B.A.
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  • American Institute of Architects