Stephanie Hooton

Stephanie Hooton

Senior Associate
Director of Financial Systems

“I have always considered myself a bit of a hybrid, or an island that floats between finance, IT, and operations, translating their various system requirements to ensure the most efficient outcomes.”

Stephanie began working in the Architectural/Engineering space while still attending college, primarily in a financial reporting capacity. As her firm grew and financial systems and automation expanded, her focus shifted to the management of key business systems and providing cross-functional support and training to all users. “My goal is to make the systems we use work efficiently for everyone, and ensure our end-users have the tools they need to drive successful results.”

Stephanie has also been heavily involved with merger and acquisition activities as a key member of various transition teams. “The key to a successful integration of an acquired company is to ensure continuity and provide the tools and training needed for a smooth transition.”

Our Perkins Eastman

At Perkins Eastman, Stephanie works closely with the finance and accounting teams. Her primary focus is the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning and Financial systems and improving overall efficiencies in the firm’s various accounting and operational processes.


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