FC Dynamo Moscow

FC Dynamo Moscow

Moscow, Russia

A vibrant sports and commercial complex to enliven the heart of Moscow.

An attractive entertainment destination, the concept for the FC Dynamo Complex was a significant, long-term asset that stimulates growth and revenue in Moscow. Invited by local government to participate concept development, Perkins Eastman designed a new complex in collaboration with ABD Architects, sports specialist IBI/Young and Wright, and engineer ARUP Sport. The design incorporates the historic 1928 Dynamo Stadium and features a new 40,000-seat stadium, a multi-purpose arena, massive retail and entertainment mall, a sports museum, and a vast landscape for the public realm. The plan integrates the stadium with the surrounding neighborhoods, enhancing connectivity, and pedestrian walkability. A green roof passageway above the retail and parking provides a seamless transition from the new high and mid-rise development to a park below, offering additional recreational space for all of Moscow to enjoy.

Project Facts

  • Size:

  • 50,000 sq. m.
  • Services:

  • Architecture
  • Markets:

  • Sports + Exhibition
  • Region:

  • Europe