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Ritz Carlton Wasmiya Beach Resort
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Wasmiya Beach Resort

Manama, Bahrain

A world-class resort that embraces luxury while honoring Bahrain's island environment.

Inspired by the seasonal rains along the coastal Wasmiya region of Bahrain, the Wasmiya Beach Resort embraces water as an integral element in both its outdoor and indoor environments. The surroundings are rich with moments inspired by the tiers, layerings, and movements of water. The resort includes a 151-room hotel, twenty villas, a ballroom, meeting facilities, and four different types of restaurants—all designed to exude world-class luxury with a commitment to sustainable design based on careful studies of the local climate. The design team placed a premium on placemaking, balancing the standards of a luxury resort and guests’ wellbeing with Bahrain’s surrounding island community and its finite natural resources. Renewable technologies, intelligent resource management, sustainable practices, and shared value participation feature heavily in the development’s planning and operation.

Project Facts

  • Client:

  • Shamoukh S.P.C.
  • Size:

  • 35,900 sm
  • Services:

  • Waterfront Design
  • Markets:

  • Hospitality
  • Region:

  • Middle East + North Africa