Take a look back at the people who’ve made Perkins Eastman great, yearbook style! Here are your answers to the final “Photo Flashbacks” page in this year’s 40th Anniversary Narrative:


  1. Co-Founder and Chairman Brad Perkins
  2. Co-Founder and Vice Chair Mary-Jean Eastman’s baby shower, 1989 (l-r: Brad Perkins, Mary-Jean Eastman, Barbara Geddis, Diana Ming Sung)
  3. Ty Kaul with his now-wife Cassandra McGowen, left, and Phyllis Perkins
  4. Brad Perkins and David Crandall of Canterbury Green
  5. Mike Gordon, left, and Jonathan Stark
  6. Mary-Jean Eastman with a client at an open house, March 1986
  7. Associates in the 1990s. Seated, l-r: Armand Quadrini, Jamie Calli, Meena Singh, Joe Des Rosier; Standing, l-r: Dan Zito, Don King, Nick Leahy, Kate Hannenberg, Martin Siefering
  8. Standing: Dave Hoglund, Alan Schlossberg, Steve Quick. Seated: Dick Northway, Stephanie Danes
  9. At an office party in New York, Jonathan Stark bends down to speak with Diana Ming Sung while Dave Hoglund (right) chats with Rob Strong and a friend behind them. Seated at center is Jennifer Ross with her husband.
  10. Dave Hoglund
  11. Brad Perkins and Mary-Jean Eastman stand on the renowned TKS steps with the New York studio behind them
  12. Standing left to right in the new University of Connecticut Stamford building: Brad Perkins, Daniel Brown, Steve Makovitz, Nick Leahy, Neville Epstein, Nick Leko, and Aaron Schwartz
  13. An executive committee retreat at Mary-Jean Eastman’s home, left to right: Jeff Brand, Shawn Basler, Candace Carroll, Dave Hoglund, Alan Schlossberg, Andrew Adelhardt, Mary-Jean Eastman, Erich Burkhart, Nick Leahy (seated), and Brad Perkins
  14. Leslie Lu and Mary-Jean Eastman
  15. The gala to celebrate the opening of the University of Connecticut Stamford campus building
  16. A portrait of Perkins Eastman’s women leaders with Mary-Jean Eastman in the center, photographed for interiors+sources magazine. Left to right: Susan DiMotta, Deborah Lloyd Forrest, Alexa Donaphin, Joanne Violanti, Barbara Mullenex, and Diana Ming Sung