Urban Design + Planning

Urban Design + Planning

In new and existing communities alike, the public realm relies on thoughtful planning.

We develop urban strategies and master plans that speak to the people who call those communities home. For public and private developments, our team discovers the unique formula that unites livability, financial success, and longevity. Our approach encompasses social, economic, and environmental issues and we work hand-in-hand with agencies, planning authorities, and local residents to plan for a better future.

Strategic Consulting

Read about our strategic consulting services for municipal, county, and state governments

PE Strategies is dedicated to providing smart and implementable strategies for towns, cities, developers and landowners and regional planning agencies. We build on 40 years of multidisciplinary expertise, spanning the design and planning; real estate economics and development; land-use and transportation planning; project implementation, public engagement and change management. We help communities and landowners maximize the value of their assets and position themselves for a more economically, socially and environmentally resilient future every step of the way.


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