PE Strategies

PE Strategies

We help companies and institutions define business, management, and design approaches.

Many of the most important challenges confronted by our clients demand an increasingly integrated suite of strategic planning and analytical skills extending beyond traditional architectural design and planning services.  PE Strategies builds on the multidisciplinary expertise and global platform of Perkins Eastman, and a thirty-year history of serving as trusted advisors to institutions, cities, and public agencies, and landowners.

Our clients understand that adaptation and growth are keys to survival. PE Strategies is dedicated to helping them establish strategic priorities, and align their assets and resources with future needs.  We bring a wide range of expertise and services to help our clients implement strategic plans, deal with change, and optimize organizational performance with a full complement of analytical tools to provide clients with actionable insights to better understand the potential risks and rewards associated with major strategic initiatives.

Our services include:

We operate across multiple practice areas:
College + University
K-12 Education
Senior Living
Urban Design + Planning

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Strategic Planning

Our Clients understand that adaptation and growth are keys to survival. PE Strategies builds on a track record of creating strategic plans that have helped them establish a vision and align their assets and resources with their future needs.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Urban District Revitalization and Repositioning
  • Maximizing Portfolio Value and Development Advisory Services
  • Capital Investment Planning
  • Facilities Programming


PE Strategies 25
System-Wide Strategies for Healthcare We are working with health systems worldwide to optimize the distribution of services, locate centers of excellence, and reprogram and reposition individual campuses. This experience allows us to anticipate the timeframe horizon for bringing new facilities online and optimize the distribution of clinical, academic, and research facilities. Through the course of a 25-year relationship, we have served as a trusted advisor to Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s senior leadership, helping one of the world’s premier cancer centers evaluate opportunities and implement strategies for growth and change.




PE Strategies 26 Medical-Center Planning for Growth, Modernization
We combine our knowledge of state-of-the-art healthcare design with real-world expertise in development and planning to help major medical centers navigate the complex world of urban and suburban real estate for growth and system modernization.






PE Strategies 3Crafting Strategies for Colleges and Universities
Understanding the needs of higher education requires a deep understanding of evolving pedagogy, classroom technology, and the competing demands on space on the contemporary college and university campus. Through quantitative analysis, collaboration with leading educators and technologists, and a commitment to engage with stakeholders, PE Strategies helps institutions articulate goals and achieve objectives through smart planning.






PE Strategies 4Smarter Game Plans for Collegiate Athletic Programs and Professional Sports Teams
Sports facilities can be transformative to both participants and the communities that host them. Leveraging partnerships, technology, and placemaking, venues have the capability to not just improve performance on the field of play, but to enhance health and wellness, create new campus connections, and enhance resilience in times of crises. Utilizing a full suite of digital tools including apps, visualizations, and quantitative analysis, our team helps institutions understand the true value of new facilities in new ways.




PE Strategies 5Helping Senior Living Providers Adapt to a Changing Marketplace
The Perkins Eastman IDEAS process—Integrating Design, Economics and Assessment into Strategy—is a highly collaborative approach dedicated to strategies that create forward-looking programs, partnerships, and great senior environments. The process is structured to help providers determine ways to develop new opportunities and to create, reposition, and reinvent existing services and strategies for seniors in their community.





Positioning Independent, International Schools for Evolution, Innovation
Our 30-year track record as an innovator in the design of K-12 facilities enables us provide strategic advice ranging from site selection and programming to approvals for school networks in cities throughout the world.






PE Strategies 6Providing Strategic Guidance to Public and Charter Schools, and School Districts
We draw on our experience designing over 300 school projects across the United States and in 18 countries to provide a comprehensive range of services for public school systems, including enrollment, projections, conditions assessments, programming as well as district-wide master plans and multi-year capital budgets.





PE Strategies 7Positioning Cities and Regions for the Future
Cities continually evolve through cycles and change and renewal that are driven by everything from rapid population growth to changes in the market, major infrastructure, and increasing desire to develop more sustainable and equitable patterns of living. Our experience working with cities and regions throughout the globe, has taught us how innovation, design, and partnerships, can be harnessed to drive economic development and create thriving, resilient communities.





PE Strategies 8Revitalizing, Repositioning Urban Districts and Downtowns
Creating comprehensive strategies to revitalize downtown business districts and attract new development.







PE Strategies 9Helping Cities and Regions Prepare for a More Resilient Future
We have worked with cities and regions throughout the world to help them adapt to, and prepare for, a changing climate. Working at all scales of the built environment, we help cities create sustainable large-scale waterfront developments and city-wide resilience strategies.






PE Strategies 10Optimizing Performance of Real Estate Portfolios
We offer an integrated set of services to assist institutional and commercial property owners optimize their real estate portfolios through analysis of the development potential of their assets, development of entitlement strategies, and advisory services during negotiations with potential development partners.






PE Strategies 11

Development Advisory Services
Leveraging our expertise in the design and development of a wide range of building types, real estate economics, and urban planning, we have been able to provide institutional and commercial property owners with an understanding of highest and best use, formulate implementable development and/or land disposition strategies, and provide support during negotiations with potential buyers, as well as entitlement strategy.





Optimizing Performance and Advancing Implementation

Our human-centered approach integrates design thinking, consensus building, and research-based insights to make sure your design investment produces the maximum value for your organization. As part of our process, Perkins Eastman looks closely at the human impact of change. Many of our clients benefit from an integrated change-management process that is highly effective in gaining employee buy-in, speeding the adoption of new policies and standards, and increasing overall engagement.


PE Strategies 23

User Experience

Putting the user experience first results in spaces and places that serve the mission of the organization that use them. This approach creates results not just in terms of comfort, but in terms of productivity and effectiveness.






PE Strategies 15Post-Occupancy Analyses
Understanding the impact of the new office environment on employee productivity, collaboration, and well-being to guide the development of organizational design standards.







PE Strategies 17
Change Management
Effective change management aligns resources with organizational priorities, supports a healthy workplace culture, establishes accountability, and improves the odds that positive changes will stick. It’s an important tool for building organizational resilience against future unknowns. Our approach, which engages stakeholders at all levels, is interwoven throughout every project phase and culminates in a strategic communication plan that aligns with clients’ objectives and values.
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PE Strategies 27 Experiential Design
Perkins Eastman is committed to understanding and leveraging the multitude of environmental factors that shape the human experience. Our collective backgrounds in neuropsychology, architecture, placemaking, and planning inform our design decisions and expand our capabilities. We put ourselves in the shoes of the end-user to understand their motivations, expectations, and desires. We conduct surveys, interviews, observational studies, and research to create user personae and scenario-based journey maps to anticipate challenges and optimize the user experience at each touchpoint.


PE Strategies 28 Workplace Strategy
Our workplace strategy applies rigorous research to accelerate strategic thinking and connect each organization’s vision with a clear roadmap for present and future decision-making. Each project integrates business objectives, organizational culture, and programmatic needs to achieve the shared goals set forth by the client and stakeholders. Our strategic process transforms traditional offices into flexible, functional environments that enhance collaboration, productivity, and end-user satisfaction.



Insight & Analysis

Analytical tools to provide clients with actionable insights to better understand the potential risks and rewards associated with major strategic initiatives.


  • Trend forecasting
  • Data analysis
  • Space utilization
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Organizational analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Economic and fiscal impact analysis
  • Research


PE Strategies 18Economic Research and Data Analytics
Our expertise in urban economics, regional transportation policy, environmental incentives, public finance and data analytics provides us with a platform for providing economic and demographic forecasting. These market and financial analyses yield realistic targets and achievable project goals.






PE Strategies 20

Utilizing qualitative and quantitative social science research methods for more informed decision-making and allow for improved outcomes and experiences, we offer environmental behavior research that can enhance the built environment, topic- based standalone design research to address major industry topics, and research scope development.





PE Strategies 21


Policy and Program Development
Investments in bricks and mortar typically require smart policies and programs in order to succeed. Our experience leading multidisciplinary teams of economists, planners, engineers, scientists, and designers has allowed us to serve as trusted advisors to cities and public agencies throughout the world.





PE Strategies 30

Predictive Analysis
Data generation is core to our business; Perkins Eastman uses proprietary and commercially available technology to collect, manage, and analyze data for predictive and prescriptive purposes. Our workflows are developed to analyze internal and external Geographic Information Modeling (GIS), Building Information Modeling (BIM), additional client needs, and other data sources to forecast and visualize potential scenarios based on historical data. The result is a graphic-analytical dashboard package that enables our clients and design teams to identify socioeconomic and space planning trends and behaviors, complementing our human-centered approach to design.