Senior Living

Senior Living

The built environment can improve quality of life for all.

Attuned to the needs and desires of aging people as well as the organizations that serve them, we develop strategic plans and designs that accommodate both. We create flexible and technologically advanced new spaces and upgrade existing buildings in phases that don’t disrupt care services. Helping people get the care and amenities they deserve for their next chapter is at the heart of our approach.

Living on the New Main Street

A Major Branding Reinvention

Supporting Health, Housing and Wellness for Veterans of All Ages

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Strategic Consulting

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As a longtime innovator of senior living environments, Perkins Eastman prides itself on understanding the past, listening to the present and researching future expectations of the older adult consumer. We offer a series of workshops and exercises called IDEAS – Integrating Design, Economics and Assessment into Strategy – that generate forward-looking programs, partnerships, board leadership and master planning concepts.   They can be as broad as a new senior living community, or as targeted as a branded culinary master plan or Covid-19 environmental assessment.


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