Happy Earth Day 2021!

From their studios around the world, Perkins Eastman's PEople send their green-earth greetings

It’s been a year. A year since we left our offices, a year since we’ve seen loved ones, a year alone, a year NEVER alone, a year of unimaginable loss, and a year of hunger and violence. But it’s also been a year that has finally opened our eyes to injustices, and has called each of us to take action.


The winds are changing, and this gives us hope.
Earth Day 2021 Poster by Brazilian street artist Speto

Earth Day 2021 Poster by Brazilian street artist Speto

There is no doubt that we all will come out of this experience with a certain amount of trauma. We will need to repair and restore ourselves and our circles. However, we must be careful as life returns to “normal” to remember how intrinsically connected our personal well-being is to the well-being of others, to the well-being of our community, and to the well-being of the planet. It’s only fitting that the theme for this year’s Earth Day, then, is restoration. Let’s unite together to Restore Our Earth, and in the process, restore ourselves.

On this Earth Day, ask yourselves:  What in and around you needs to be restored, and what is your role in that process? What inspires you to live, act, and design sustainably?

We invite you to take a small, restorative step forward with us today. Call a friend or family member to spread the Earth Day joy. Explore a book or listen to a podcast for inspiration. And find a way to give back to your community and the people and planet that sustain you. We are in this together, and we are Human by Design.