Charles Williams

Charles Williams



"One of the benefits of a larger firm is the richness of the available resources. Our group is poised to pitch in whenever one of our teams hits a stumbling block, whether it involves choosing appropriate wall systems or developing complex details. We can also help the team to clarify the roles of the respective parties, expedite turnaround times, and refine strategies to assure success."

Having spent two years as captain of his collegiate rugby team, Charles Williams appreciates the value of teamwork.  His role across the various studios of the enterprise is one of technical support, leading a group of specialists who assist teams in the delivery of their projects.  Whether it is a matter of systems selection, code-related issues, specifications development, strategic approaches to construction administration on complex projects, or organizing quality-control reviews, his group is prepared to lend assistance.  His familiarity with the contractual relationships of the industry allows him to reinforce the role of the design team and lend them the confidence and know-how to work effectively and cooperatively with owners and contractors.

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Charles specializes in problem solving, and after nearly three decades with the firm, he attributes his tenure to the quality of the teammates he works with regularly across Perkins Eastman’s studios and practice areas. He pays particular attention to creating teaching moments to promote professional development and growth among the junior staff.


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  • Vassar College
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  • American Institute of Architects
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