Elena Bresciani

Elena Bresciani


Associate Principal

“Architecture defines who we are to future generations. It exemplifies what we think and care about. As architects we have the responsibility to deploy our resources – time, effort, money, materials – wisely so we can positively influence the built environment for everyone around us.”

Elena designs places for people to live, work, and play, with an emphasis on creating unique spaces that offer an element of surprise to provoke new perspectives of our surroundings. Growing up between Taiwan and Italy, she was inspired by the spirit of human ingenuity that she saw crafting a fast-changing urban environment and honing a slow-evolving historic landscape. She understood the role of architecture as a place-making and culture-defining force, and as a way for people and communities to write their stories in wood, concrete, steel, and stone.

Since starting her career in 2003, Elena has focused on solving complex design problems in equally thoughtful and creative ways. Her work spans a wide range of building types, from high-rise and mixed-use to higher education and cultural projects, both domestic and international. She also contributes specific expertise in custom façade design. Combining her skills in project management and fostering trust in collaboration, Elena aims to celebrate people and communities through rigorous attention to design reinforced by commercial viability and environmental sustainability.

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Elena is dedicated to promoting design excellence by sharing her expertise, supporting her team in pushing boundaries on every project from concept to completion, and  strengthening the technical and communication skills that coax projects from imagination into reality.


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  • +1 (412) 894-8310 
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  • Princeton University; M.Arch
  • Rice University; B.A.