Mika Zhou

Mika Zhou

Associate Principal

“China’s senior living industry is in the early stage of its rapid development. It is our generation of architects’ responsibilities and challenges to transform the successful experience learned from the mature markets into a model that is suitable to China.”

Mika believes that the guiding principle of senior living projects is to respect and maximize each individual’s needs for the environment, and to design each living environment with a unique personality. She has dedicated her sixteen-year career to residential, hospitality, wellness and senior living design. These valuable experiences shaped her unique personal insights into the living environment and living experience.

Our Perkins Eastman

As a leading designer in the world’s top senior living design firm, Mika continuously guides the team to explore and practice a business model that is suitable for the Chinese market. Under her leadership, the team has designed and completed a series of internationally renowned senior living projects.


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  • Shanghai Institute of Technology, Civil Engineering