Min Cui

Min Cui

Senior Associate

“Understanding how to create a harmonious public realm within private development is crucial for architects.”

Min’s world took shape in a Chinese town where buildings reached no higher than ten stories. But it was a trip to Shanghai in middle school that unfurled a new chapter. The city’s skyline, a constellation of towering office skyscrapers and captivatingly contoured cultural landmarks, left him spellbound. In that moment, the seeds were sown. He aspired to be an architect, crafting structures that get etched into the tapestry of people’s memories.

Min has been practicing since 2015. He began with designing and documenting buildings, but Perkins Eastman broadened his architectural vision. Learning from the best urban design group within the firm, he became interested in designing large-scale mixed-use developments. Min loves all forms of art in addition to architecture. Contemporary dance, gallery exhibitions, and set designs from experimental theater inspire him. He also engages in acrylic painting and street photography during his spare time.

Our Perkins Eastman

Thanks to broad practice areas within the firm, Min has been able to contribute his design thinking to Large Scale Mixed Use, Residential, College + University, Healthcare, and Sport + Entertainment. And because he’s bilingual, he’s also actively involved in our Chinese market.


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  • Columbia University; M.S., Advanced Architecture Design
  • Tsinghua University, Beijing; M.Arch, B.Arch