Nancy Cheung

Nancy Cheung

Senior Associate

“To drive around a city and be able to say, ‘My company designed that,’ how impressive is that?”

Nancy held many part-time jobs as she worked her way through earning a marketing and international business degree at New York University, but the one that stuck was with a boutique residential interior design firm. “It was this experience that ultimately led to my first job in the marketing department of a prestigious architecture firm, and the rest is history,” says Nancy, who’s been working in the business since 1990. She’s been a marketing manager with Perkins Eastman since 2009.

Nancy has stayed with the industry because of her appreciation for beautiful architecture. At her first full-time job, she learned to look at a skyline and immediately know what city it was. Having seen how a building can redefine a community’s landscape, Nancy loves participating in the beginning stages of trying to win each commission. “Knowing the breadth of experience and projects at the firm you work for is key in order to market it,” she says. “I enjoy laying out presentations or putting together brochures, because that permits me to visualize and strategize what we think the client will want to see.”

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Nancy enjoys working with a wide variety of practice areas, which gives her exposure to many principals and project managers. She relishes the culture at Perkins Eastman: “The people I work with are what keep me here, doing what I do. We have a fun, hard-working, and amazing group in New York!”


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  • NYU Stern School of Business; B.S. Marketing and International Business