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"Architecture is my passion. Its creation is a social act, the foundation that shapes the future – The implicit complexities of the design of healthcare and educational institutions undertaken throughout my career has perpetuated an eternal flame of innate creativity. The beauty within the built environment and its capacity to heal are my inspirations."

Richard’s ambition to become an architect started at the tender age of 11 – a precocious young lad inspired by the works of Mies Van Der Rohe, Philip Johnson and Frank Lloyd Wright. It has been his passion ever since, living and breathing the creation of inspiring spaces and environments.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom and traveling throughout Europe from a young age instilled within him the desire to travel and absorb the rich cultural societies of many countries. His very first London-based practice sent him tumbling into the exciting and challenging world of healthcare design with projects throughout the UK. His career took him next to a design office in East Berlin just after the wall came down, and his wanderings would continue further into Asia, where he’s been practicing for the last 30 years in China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, experiencing and absorbing the many different cultures, design influences, and construction techniques. Although principally focused in the healthcare sector, where he’s been involved in the development of more than 35 hospitals and clinics, Richard also has experience in the education, research & laboratory, infrastructure, and senior living sectors throughout Asia.

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Richard’s  wide travel experience and working knowledge has instilled a strong sense of social awareness and an acute interest in sociology and psychology in various cultures, and he has devoted recent years to mentoring younger colleagues and educating the next generation, not only in architecture, but also through other interests such as coaching rugby and serving as a certified health coach and nutritionist.


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  • University of Dundee, Scotland; B.Arch with Honours; B.S. Architecture
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  • Royal Institute of British Architects
  • Architectural Registration Board, United Kingdom