Samantha Belfoure

Samantha Belfoure

Associate Principal

“We’re constantly learning from our senior living clients and their residents, which is so important for us to keep growing in the industry and improving our design process.”

As a fresh graduate of Kent State University, Sam started at Perkins Eastman with an open mind. She immediately started to work within the Senior Living practice area, and found a passion with not only the projects, but with the clientele, too. To Sam, Senior Living provides a complexity to interior design, blurring the line between aesthetically pleasing spaces and functionality. Now with more than 15 years of experience, Sam has contributed to award-winning projects and helps to encourage hospitality convergence into the practice area.  She enjoys the design process between architecture and interiors, facilitating a collaborative effort between all team members to produce a successful project.

Our Perkins Eastman

Sam is heavily imbedded in the Senior Living practice area, providing guidance for members of the interiors group across all offices.  She is dedicated to forward-thinking ideas, working within her project teams to push boundaries and elevate the design to the next level. To Sam, design is more than just painting a pretty picture.  It’s about seeing the bigger idea, and understanding how users experience a space.


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  • Kent State University, B.A. Interior Design
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