Sameer Mahendra Relan

Sameer Mahendra Relan


Associate Principal

“As the quote by Jan Kaplicky of Future Systems goes, 'People have eyes, but few can see.' This observation emphasizes the importance of recognizing the hidden beauty in the built environment."

Sameer’s fascination with architecture and the human experience of designed spaces initially ignited his interest in this field. Inspired by visionaries such as Buckminster Fuller, Frei Otto, and Future Systems in his early years, Sameer views design not merely as a profession but as a way of life that responds to context and user needs. Since 2002, Sameer’s professional focus has spanned client management, project delivery, technical problem-solving, and construction administration. He specializes in architecture and master-plan development, overseeing projects that range between IT campuses, education facilities, senior living, residential, and healthcare. Passionate about academia, he mentors aspiring architects at his alma mater and other institutions, particularly in project management and design. Beyond his professional and academic commitment, Sameer is an avid motorcyclist who undertakes extensive journeys across India and nearby countries—a thrill that embodies the saying that “four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul.’

Our Perkins Eastman

Sameer collaborates across Perkins Eastman’s offices, achieving successful project deliveries while also making substantial contributions to the Mumbai office’s project portfolio across multiple countries. He leads and nurtures design teams, focusing on each project’s technical aspects. His involvement in the Project Management Committee significantly advances the firm’s project management capabilities, including introducing and overseeing the firmwide Project Management Training International Cohort program for the Mumbai office.


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  • National Institute of Construction Management and Research, Pune, Maharashtra; G.D.Arch
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  • Council of Architecture India