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Boubyan Bank Headquarters: A Case Study

Kuwait City, Kuwait

A centerpiece for a developing neighborhood, a modern tower provides a functional, welcoming workplace for the staff and customers of a growing bank.

The new Boubyan Bank Headquarters brings executives and employees together in a striking environment. A dynamic tower and innovative parking facility blend climate-sensitive design with functionality. As the company grows, light-filled collaborative spaces that honor the region’s tradition of hospitality will accommodate new staff and visitors. Gazing at the water and skyline from within the building or admiring the tower’s dynamic façade from below, the people of Kuwait City experience a modern landmark for their city.

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One of a kind destination spaces pay homage to the cultural traditions of hospitality and humanitarianism of the Arabian Gulf. Comfortable, airy atriums and conference rooms provide a variety of options for working sessions or casual gatherings. Employees and visitors have access to a variety settings that increase productivity and performance–all within one building.

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Expected to grow by more than a thousand employees in the coming years, Boubyan Bank required flexible, scalable headquarters. Designed to accommodate current and incoming staff, working areas throughout the office floors and open, sunlit corridors are welcoming and maximize space for various patterns of movement.

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The harsh desert climate presented challenges for the design of a modern office tower. Accounting for extreme heat gain from the south, west and east, there are open views of the Kuwait Gulf Bay on the northern side, where sun is less direct. Technologically advanced glass panels withstand heat and create a dynamic skin wrapping around the tower’s façade.

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