Folding Screen Ecopark Condominium
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Folding Screen Ecopark Condominium

Hanoi, Vietnam

A brand-making lakefront residential community that promotes livability and learning.

The Folding Screen Ecopark Condominium is a one-of-a-kind residential high-rise development located in the new community of Ecopark, one of the largest mixed-use satellite cities outside of Hanoi, Vietnam. Currently under construction, Folding Screen is scheduled to open in late 2025.

Occupying a long and narrow site, it’s bordered by a canal to its south. To the north, the building enjoys expansive views across Grand Island Lake to the central business district skyline of Ecopark township. Adjoining the development to its east is the recently completed Ecopark Daesung  International School, which Perkins Eastman also designed, employing a boomerang shape that embraces its playing fields. A common arrival green, designed together with Folding Screen, links the two projects. The green welcomes the Ecopark town community to a unique residential, retail, and educational destination.

The Folding Screen’s design expresses the synthesis of Ecopark’s principal development objectives:

  • To create a visual identity for Ecopark to rival the international school. Together, these two buildings work in unison to elevate and solidify the Ecopark brand.
  • To develop the residential and retail/services program that marries with the needs of the international school community so families, faculty, and school administrators will find it attractive and convenient to live there. The offerings will include educational/cultural, extra-curricular, and after-school-related services and retail that cater to young children, teens, and their parents.
  • To emphasize a green and healthy environment as Ecopark’s name suggests. The building and grounds feature a variety of landscaped private and communal outdoor settings, indigenous plantings, wellness amenities, and a sustainability agenda that treads gently on the environment.

Project Facts

  • Client:

  • Ecopark
  • Site Area:

  • 22,800 sm
  • GFA:

  • 158,400 sm
  • Markets:

  • Large Scale Mixed-Use, Residential
  • Region:

  • Asia Pacific


  • 2023 Asia Pacific Property Awards: Residential High Rise category for Vietnam