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The Press

Wilmington, DE

A former parking lot, rebirthed into an exciting new residential landmark that enhances the charm of central Wilmington.

The Press is an integrated residential development in central Wilmington, intertwined with public and private open space and a myriad of opportunities to interact with both the micro community of the development and the macro community of the city.

The project includes a 14-level residential tower along a major arterial road, flanked by low-rise residential buildings scaled to the building context of the secondary roads at the northern and southern edges of the site. Public amenities such as pocket parks punctuate the perimeter of the site. A large, private park is nestled behind the three residential components to provide recreation and leisure space for residents and guests.

The amenity spaces at 801 N. Orange Street were planned so there is a continual connection to outdoor spaces, creating a holistically intertwined series of uses. Ground floor spaces, including a lobby, co-working lounge, and fitness center, open onto either an expansive private residential courtyard or a semi-public urban pocket park. A fourth-floor social lounge opens onto a roof deck overlooking the Wilmington skyline.

Finishes within the amenity spaces aim to invert the dark, contemporary exterior by employing rich woods, light stone, and patterned wall coverings that, in conjunction with expansive windows, create bright and inviting spaces to socialize with friends and neighbors.

Project Facts

  • Client:

  • Buccini Pollin Group
  • Size:

  • 251,000 sf | 23,320 sm
  • Services:

  • Architecture, Interior Design
  • Markets:

  • Residential
  • Region:

  • United States
  • Studios:

  • Philadelphia