White Papers

U.S. Workplace Benchmarks 2017 – 2020, Volume I

The U.S. Benchmarks: Workplace 2017 – 2020 is the first in a series of annual workplace benchmarking reports to be produced by Perkins Eastman. The purpose of this effort is to gain a better understanding of the type and quantity of spaces that our clients need in order to identify post-COVID trends across industries and track changes over time as we continue to build a robust internal database. This report analyzes 42 workplaces located in 24 U.S. cities across 7 industries. Nearly 3 million square feet of office space was reviewed between 2017 and 2020, with footprints ranging from 6,900 sf to 425,000 sf. Survey data from over 3,200 employees as well as external research was used to support findings. Through leveraging these valuable internal resources, Perkins Eastman can better serve our clients and further support our mission of enhancing the user experience through human-centered, evidence-based design.